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#HelpSaveGranitevilleWetlands Twitter Storm In Partnership with Anthropocene Alliance

Thursday, October 1st from 12 PM – 2 PM: #HelpSaveGranitevilleWetlands Twitter Storm.

We are partnered up with the Anthropocene Alliance–the largest network of flood survivors– to create a twitter storm to get Governor Cuomo’s attention.

Visit to learn how to participate in under 10 minutes!

RSVP on Facebook by clicking the following link:

Climate Week: Climate Justice through Racial Justice

Wednesday, September 23rd: The Intricacies and Intersections of Climate, Abolition, and Decolonization Webinar on  @ 6pm via Zoom. Click this link to sign up for the webinar.

The Racial Justice, Climate Justice Webinar will be an interactive workshop highlighting the intersection of abolition and climate organizing. Our webinar will kickoff with talks from two local climate organizers and then break out into small groups to discuss case studies.


  • Connecting Prison & Police Abolition to Climate Justice
  • Histories of Abolitionist & Climate Aligned Organizing
  • Renewable Rikers & New Jails
  • Pipeline Defenders & Standing Rock

Visit to learn more details of 2020 Climate Week events.

March for Climate Justice Through Racial Justice

Massive, deadly fires in Western States. New storms aiming at the Gulf Coast. Wildly fluctuating temperatures throughout the country. And we’re not even mentioning what’s happening in other parts of the world!

This coming Sunday, Sept. 20th, we will march under the banner of Climate Justice Through Racial Justice… and we hope you will join us. While the devastation caused by climate change is in the top of the news these days, the other crises have not diminished: COVID-19 has taken almost 200,000 lives in this country, police abuses and brutality are exposed every day, white supremacists and right wing militia are active, the economic crisis is impacting the lives of millions of people every day, and much more.

We march on Sept. 20th because we know all of these issues are connected. We know that dealing with the climate crisis boldly will not be possible without addressing racism and white supremacy directly.  Now is the time for action on our part to make our elected representatives take the actions so desperately needed.

For more details about the Sept. 20th march, including the demands, visit

Let us know if you will join us by filling out this short RSVP form. Share this message widely. Help get the word out by using our social media toolkit.

We hope to see you on Sunday. And on September 23rd, 6-8pm, join us for “The Intricacies and Intersections of Climate, Abolition, and Decolonization,” an interactive workshop highlighting the intersection of abolition and climate organizing. Please register to receive the Zoom information.  PCM-NY Admin TeamLeslie, Kei, Laurel, Nancy, Marilyn, Allen and Denise

Review on “Flooding And You,” A community event held on April 28th, 2018

Over 40 people attended Staten Island Coalition for Wetlands and Forests (SICWF) Community Forum “Flooding and You” on Saturday April 28 at the Mariners Harbor Library.

The goal of the forum was to raise awareness of the the proposed destruction of the Graniteville wetlands and forest on South Avenue in Staten Island and the impact on flood maps and the environment of the surrounding areas.  A BJ’s Wholesale Store is currently planned at the site. 

Speakers included James Scarcella and Tony Rose of National Resources Protective Association (NRPA) and SICWF leader Gabriella Velardi-Ward. They discussed the history of the site, and what had been done in recent years to help protect it from development, prior to the rezoning to the city to clear the path for the big box store.

“In this age of climate chaos, we need this wetland and forest to protect us.  Scientists are finding that the best resiliency plan against climate change, is not a wall but soft resiliency, that is wetlands, marshes and forests.” stated Velardi Ward.

During the 2 hour event, participants raised concerns about the high cost of flood insurance for surrounding homeowners and those who live in the adjacent trailer park.  Participants also shared concerns about the impact of pollution from New Jersey plants as well as the highway and airport traffic on this environmental justice community. 

SICWF member Eloise Calderwell stressed the point that there is nothing man-made today that can replace the protection what nature provides to protect from pollution and flooding. 

Attendees were asked to write the Governor Andrew Cuomo to protect the wetlands and help the group meet its 1,000 letter goal, to share information with neighbors, and join the coalition every Saturday on South Avenue from 11am-1pm.  

The next SICWF meeting will be at the Reformed Church of Staten Island 54 Port Richmond Avenue at 7pm. 

For more information contact: 

Contact: Gabriella Velardi  Ward, Coalition for Wetlands and Forests

Phone: 646-515-7402

Web: | e-mail:

The Coalition for Wetlands and Forests (SICWF)consists of members of environmental groups,of residents and surrounding condo associations as well as civic groups that have organized to save the local natural areas that are at risk of development. Organizations include National Resource Protectors Association, North Shore Waterfront Conservancy, Friends of Manresa, Staten Island Preservation League, Sustainable Staten Island, City West Condo Association, Regal Walk Condo Association