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Still time to save the Graniteville wetlands and our homes: Commentary

Without the natural buffer of the Graniteville wetlands, homes will be at risk during the next big storm. There is no doubt that waters will rise and flood our community. If, as a result, FEMA redraws the flood plain maps, residents are forced to get flood insurance that currently isn’t required, homes will suddenly be unaffordable for many neighborhood residents.

Written by Ed Szczepanski and Paula Segal. Read more from the article:

Ecosystem, homes at risk in Graniteville: Letter to the editor

Staten Islanders know that the borough is a unique hybrid of urban amenities plus natural resources and wildlife. The Graniteville area is one of the best examples of this; it’s a great city neighborhood straddling the Graniteville Wetlands and Forest. During Superstorm Sandy, those wetlands and trees were all that stood between neighborhood homes and devastating destruction.

Written by Gabriella Velardi Ward and Paula Segal. Read more from the article:

Don’t obstruct Graniteville Swamp: Letter to the editor

It is important to know that the Graniteville Swamp is the headwaters of Old Place Creek. Development in the marsh and pine oak-dominated forest will greatly compromise the system’s ability to control neighborhood flooding, and discharge storm water safely out to Old Place Creek.
Written by Beryl A. Thurman. Read more from the article: