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Carl Alderson from NOAA Confirms That Graniteville Wetland Saved The Community From Flooding During Hurricane Sandy and that the Community Will Be Flooded During The Next Big Storm

By: The Environment TV.

The Coalition for Wetlands and Forests continues their fight to preserve the Graniteville Swamp aka the Graniteville Wetland and Forest. This is the wetland that saved this Environmental Justice community, a community of mostly black and brown people, from flooding during Hurricane Sandy. We are right across the street from the wetland. This video is highly important to this cause because Carl Alderson, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA, proves the point that the community was saved from flooding during Hurricane Sandy and that we are at high risk of flooding, especially if we lose the wetland.  

He also shows that a careless land use policy, with no one looking at the whole picture, has led to developments such as the Amazon Fulfillment Center nearby. With the filling in of that land, which was once a valley and now is a hill, and the addition of its very large structures, the Graniteville community is even more at risk of flooding. The policy of not looking at the overall impact of construction or land adjustment on the neighboring communities, has to stop. Nothing in nature is isolated. Everything is connected to everything else.

No new land use should be approved without the consideration of the effect on nearby land and communities and without the consideration of climate change which brings sea level rise, storm surges and torrential rain flooding. Climate change, climate chaos, is happening now, not in 50 years. Just look at the fires on the west coast, now in 19 states, just look at the record-breaking hurricanes and flooding in the south. Look what happened to NYC during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Let’s wake up and begin to heal the earth.

Description by SICWF co-founder Gabriella Velardi-Ward